Our new Lettings AVM tool helps landlords assess achievable rental values in a competitive market

Are you a landlord looking for an instant estimate on your property’s current rental value?

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on a new Lettings Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool that can do just that!

With the current ‘new normal’ housing market characterised by a significant shortage in available stock, it’s important to put your rental property on the market at the best possible price to attract potential tenants.

We’ve carefully created this new functionality to be able to provide you with an instant indication of achievable rent, both monthly and weekly. This will help you to secure serious property seekers in what continues to be busy market for rental properties.

This new tool has been developed with Property Price Advice, who also provide us with our residential sales AVM.

How do you find the Lettings AVM tool on our website?

Simply head to the OnTheMarket homepage, and click ‘Instant valuation’ as in the below image. Enter your postcode and click ‘Rental’.



Next, you’ll be taken to a valuation form, as you can see in the below image. All you need to do is fill out your details as well as the information on your property, and in a few short minutes you’ll have your results.


We’re excited to add our Lettings AVM to long list of new functionality that we’re developing here at OnTheMarket.