Top energy-saving tips

Saving energy, like recycling waste, is one of those good habits which people acquire, but all too often lose. We tend to get our lofts insulated and turn off electrical appliances we are not using, then fall back into our bad old ways – and end up with inflated energy bills.

Top tips for reducing condensation

How do you choose the right solicitor?

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How to make moving home easier on the children: 10 top tips

Are you looking to move house with young children? Here are some top tips on how to reassure them during the move

Planning your moving day?

Top tricks to watch out for in a seller’s market

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How to make a rental house a home: Five top tips

When renting a home it can sometimes seem difficult to make it your own. Here suggests five ways you can personalise your rental property.

10 tips for choosing your letting agent

Top tips on becoming a landlord

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Six simple top tips to help sell or let a property

Karen Whyte, a valuer at Aberdein Considine, offers easy-to-follow advice on how to boost your chances of a quick offer

What to do if your home isn’t selling: Five top tips

Selling your home? Visit to research sold prices in your area

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