How to object to a planning application

OnTheMarket explains how you can object to a planning application and what to do to try and ensure you get the result you want.

The stamp duty reduction claim HMRC is cracking down on

Legionella: A landlords’ guide made simple

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15 tips for making buy-to-let work

Since the advent of the buy-to-let mortgage in the 1990s, many thousands of people have invested in a property to rent out.

A guide to buying land: 10 top tips

How to finance a property purchase

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What is my landlord responsible for in my rented property?

Landlords have certain responsibilities to their tenants by law, just as tenants have to fulfil their side of the bargain.

Ten key questions to ask an agent when looking for a home to rent

Renting with pets: How to make it work

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A guide to selling your first property

Here are some top tips to help take first-time sellers from novice to know-it-all. And don’t forget our property jargon buster.

Gazundering: A guide to what it means and how to avoid it

Nine top tips for working with your estate agent

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