Our guide to house price indices

One month UK house prices fall, then the next, they soar. So which house price indices should you follow?

A guide to a greener home

Six simple top tips to help sell or let a property

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Top tips to find trusted tradespeople

Spotting cowboy builders or plumbers can be tricky. Most of us have come across them, even suffered at their hands. But how many of us have failed to spot the warning signs?

Planning your moving day?

Top tricks to watch out for in a seller’s market

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Revealed: Buy-to-let yields for 2017

The latest data from shows the best places for landlord investment

A guide to deposit protection schemes

Rental hotspots for 2017: Where to rent without breaking the bank

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What to do when you’ve found a dream home and your buyer walks away

Are you worried your buyer might walk away? Sam Samuel, Director at Edward Ashdale, Bromley, gives his advice on what you can do to protect yourself

How to add space and value to your home

What do men and women want when it comes to property?

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