What happens to my mortgage if I lose my job?

One in three UK adults has experienced a shock to their finances through bereavement, redundancy, or an illness that has stopped them from working.

Eight top tips for off-grid living

Housing market to stay open in England during new lockdown

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Cybercrime and how to prevent it during property transactions

We often hear about bank card details and personal data being stolen but there is an increasing threat to property owners and property transactions.

Conveyancing: Fees, finding a conveyancer and everything in between

What you need to know about the new Help to Buy scheme

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How to make money from your spare room

For many of us our spare room is a place where we store all those things we don’t know what to do with.

Simple ways for tenants to save money in their home

How to make a rental house a home: Five top tips

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How much value does a loft conversion add to a property?

If we cannot build out sideways, perhaps we should try building upwards? That is the thought process which more and more British home-owners are going through.

Ten ways to add space and value to your home

What to do if your buyers keep pulling out

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