Eight top tips for off-grid living

Living off-grid is that great dream of self-sufficiency which burns strongly in many people.

What proposed changes to leasehold law could mean for you

Top interior design tips for getting that show home finish

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What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker can save you a lot of the time and stress involved in getting a mortgage.

A guide to buying a second home

How the stamp duty holiday will affect buyers

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Renting with pets: How to make it work

A pet can be a treasured member of the family – but not all landlords are willing to let animal owners take on a tenancy.

Why you should check your credit score before searching for a new home

Buying or renting a listed building? Everything you need to know

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What to do if your buyers keep pulling out

Buying and selling houses inevitably comes with highs and lows.

How to prepare your garden so your home is ready to sell

What to do if your home isn’t selling: Five top tips

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