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OnTheMarket survey highlights increasing interest in energy efficient homes

24 February 2023


Jamie Obertelli
Head of PR & Communications

A recent survey by OnTheMarket has revealed a massive shift in perception from visitors on energy efficient homes, with 88.5% of respondents stating that they’re now more important than ever before.

The results come after recent analysis from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) estimated that higher wholesale gas prices over the past year had cost the UK an additional £50-60bn, the equivalent of roughly £1,000 for every adult.

In recent years, governments worldwide have urged individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, resulting in a growing demand for greener homes. Fortunately, many properties, whether re-sale or new build, now boast eco-friendly features to help you do your bit to protect the environment.

With the current rise in energy prices and environmental concerns, it’s also no surprise that property seekers are looking for more cost-effective, energy-efficient homes, in order to cut their household expenses.

There’s a lot to think about when buying a home, but with no sign of energy bills decreasing in the current cost of living crisis, it’s essential to take energy efficiency into consideration when creating a wish list for your next home.

The first step to buying an energy efficient property is to check the Energy Performance Certificate, otherwise known as the EPC, which will indicate the estimated energy costs and will provide details of the current features installed in the property that may affect how energy efficient it actually is.

OnTheMarket has made it easier than ever to search for your energy efficient property, with the addition of its ‘greener choice’ feature. The tool provides homebuyers with suitable listings that have less impact on the environment. Any property listings that include relevant keywords and eco-friendly, energy-efficient information in their listings will then appear in your search results if you tick the ‘greener choice’ feature.

These properties could include energy efficient appliances, have an A or B EPC rating, or benefit from features such as solar panels, advanced heating systems, or even electric charging points.

Lower fuel bills are only one of the many direct consequences of having an energy efficient home, too. Many people are unaware that energy efficiency can also affect insurance prices too, with providers often offering discounts to those who tick that box.

How energy-efficient your property is can also affect the level of comfort you experience in your home. For example, if your property is well-insulated, it can eradicate draughts and dramatic temperature changes from room to room.

As eco-friendly properties begin to become much more popular, it means you have a high chance of being able to sell your home in the future for a higher price too, as it’ll maximise the resale value and attract a wide range of potential buyers.

Many new build properties offer a hassle-free solution to buying an eco-friendly property without having to carry out improvements yourself. They are often built with energy efficiency in mind and have great insulation as well as new energy-efficient boilers and appliances. You can still select the ‘greener choice’ filter when searching for new homes on OnTheMarket.

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