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How our new AI powered tools can support our agents and housebuilders

After becoming the first major UK property portal to use AI technology to make consumer property searches easier, we’re following up with the rollout of an AI powered assistant to support our agents and housebuilders with time consuming day to day activities.

Otiem (pronounced oh-tee-em) has been designed to make creating details for your properties faster and easier. You’ll be able to enter the details of a listing, which you can copy from a pre-existing description on your own website, and the AI assistant will quickly pull out the features, fields and room names of the property. These will then be presented to you in list form and you’ll be able to approve or untick the features generated by the AI assistant, saving valuable time on each listing.

Your new assistant will also be able to generate property descriptions for you. Using a summary list of features and details already entered, the AI assistant will create property descriptions from scratch which you can accept, reject or edit once generated. If you’d prefer to use the assistant to improve a pre-written description which you might’ve already drafted, you’ll be able to upload your descriptions for the AI assistant to edit. Depending on your style, you can even select whether you’d like a neutral or creative tone for each of your property descriptions.

Both of these tools are expected to be live within the next few weeks, and following their announcement, our Chief Executive Officer, Jason Tebb, said: “We’re proud to be the first major UK property portal to leverage the advantages of AI natural-language technology to enhance the search experience for our consumers. Once our AI-powered tools go live for agents and housebuilders, they will be able to work more efficiently and save valuable time on their day to day processes when interacting with our portal.

We’re committed to continuing innovating and we’re looking forward to announcing future developments as we leverage the latest technologies to improve our user experience and the working lives of our agents and housebuilders.”