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How developers are benefitting from using our Market Appraisal Guides

Last year we agreed an exclusive commercial partnership with Sprift to provide our clients with access to detailed Market Appraisal Guides (MAG). Whilst MAG has helped estate agents win instructions and complete listings more accurately, developers are also benefitting from using the tool.

From red line title plans and tree preservation orders, to gathering market metrics and data for locations of interest, our MAG is more than just a tool for agents.

Which features are developers using? 

Accessed through OnTheMarket Expert, MAG gives developers access to whole of market comparables, providing a vast array of vital information all in one place.

The guides also provide detailed information on the land itself, such as whether the area in question is at a high risk of flooding.

Developers can access land registry prices alongside recent asking prices, as well as detailed information on the location’s council tax bands.

Users have the ability to access information on local broadband speeds and providers. Whilst broadband largely stays under the radar, it’s a utility that’s almost as highly valued these days as energy or water. Buying a home in a development with high broadband speeds and a range of providers to choose from, is very important for today’s property seekers.

As well as having detailed comparison data for the area, our MAG provides more generalised statistics on the wider region as well, giving users a more complete picture of potential development sites.

Why should you use them? 

One of the major benefits of using our MAG tool is that developers have access to a vast amount of market intelligence in one place without having to rely on multiple individual sources to gather all of the information required.

Whether users are looking to review values ahead of purchasing land and appraising a new development location, or establish whether pricing may be an issue in a certain area, MAG can be a powerful part of the information gathering process.

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