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How to make your listings stand out with the ‘Greener choice’ filter

20 December 2023


Natasha Afxentiou
Senior PR & Content Executive

The environmental impact of our homes is becoming a greater focus for consumers, and as a result, sustainable features are becoming more common on the list of criteria for movers.

Here at OnTheMarket, our ‘Greener choice’ filter allows property seekers to filter their search to return properties that have noteworthy sustainable features to help them make a greener choice when it comes to their next property purchase. 

To help your listings stand out from the crowd and appear as part of the ‘Greener choice’ results  when a consumer filters their search, make sure your listings are appropriately described.

One of the primary ways your listings are showcased as ‘Greener choice’ is if they have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A or B. If your properties have high EPC ratings, make sure to include this as part of your listing upload and we’ll make sure it’s flagged as ‘Greener choice’.

We also scan the content of your listing to identify specific terms associated with other sustainable features. This includes terms like ‘energy-efficient,’ ‘solar panels,’ ‘low carbon footprint,’ ‘rainwater harvesting’ and many more which you can find in our Help Centre. If your property incorporates these features and they’re described in your listing, the Greener choice icon will automatically be displayed. 

When a property seeker clicks on the icon, they’ll have access to the keywords that appear within your listing, providing them with an overview of the sustainable features your properties offer. 

For any inquiries or to suggest additional terms for our evolving list, please contact our support team at