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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the average house price of a property for sale in Bristol?
    The average house price for property for sale in Bristol is £403,000, as of September 16, 2021. Visit the sold prices section for the most up to date information on house prices in Bristol.
  • What are the best schools when searching for a property for sale in Bristol?
    Colston’s Girls’ School, Backwell School and Redland Green School are the best secondary schools in Bristol. Perry Court E-Act Academy and St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School are the best performing Bristol primary schools.
  • What are public transport links for a property for sale in Bristol?
    Public transport within Bristol is largely bus-based but it offers a fast, frequent and reliable service with direct routes to key destinations. The city is also easily accessible from across the UK with excellent rail, bus, coach and air links.
  • What is the population and what are the demographics of Bristol?
    Bristol is the largest city in South West England and the wider district has the 10th-largest population. As of the last census in 2011, Bristol had a population of 463,400.
  • What are the best attractions in Bristol?
    Boasting a prosperous maritime history thanks to its location on the River Avon, Bristol is now a cultural hub. Attractions include the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.