Top interior design tips for getting that show home finish

Those fortunate enough to have bought a new build property have a chance to put their stamp on a house which no one has lived in before.

They really are a blank canvas for the interior designer within all of us to get creative and make that house a home.

But how do you turn those vast expanses of freshly painted walls and pristine flooring into a happy and stylish place to live?

David Wilson Homes know a thing or two about creating such a space, experts as they are in creating show homes to showcase their new builds to potential customers.

The housebuilder works closely with top interior designers to provide an inviting experience for their visitors.

The three storey townhouse style properties lend themselves effortlessly to the latest interior design styles and trends.

Here are five top tips for how to get that show home finish in your home.

Make sure your rooms flow

Use splashes of the same colour or pieces of the same furniture throughout your home to ensure each room flows into the next. Not only does this add a familiarity to each room and make it more uniform, it also allows you to bring out different features throughout the home, such as a feature wall or a hallway.

Bev Hall, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said: “One of the biggest changes we found in new trends was that over the last few years people have changed the way that they live and now benefit from having an open plan layout throughout their home.

“A top tip of mine is to keep a theme colour or style that can be used throughout the house to ensure each room flows into the next.”

Find solace with a personalised study

An extra room can be easily transformed into a room to suit your own needs. Why not use it for a hobby room, library or games room and make the most of this extra space?

Each of these ideas would require bright colours to inspire your creativity such as green, yellow or orange and comfy furnishings would really help to finish off this haven.

Accessories are important, but don’t overdo it

Accessorising your home is extremely important and can often be an excellent way to personalise your new property and put your own stamp on it. Using accents of chrome throughout the house is an excellent way of keeping each room bright, as the light is reflected from these, and creating an edgy and stylish look in your home at the same time.

Bev Hall said: “The main thing to consider when buying your new accessories is not to overdo it – many people get over excited by what’s available and this can often lead to rooms looking cluttered.”

Stick to adding only two or three trinkets and photo frames to a coffee table or fireplace, as anything more than this can make a room look smaller.

Combine the old and the new

If you have a David Wilson Homes townhouse then you are already surrounded by the latest in new build style.

Try and mix this with some well-chosen traditional décor and a few antique pieces.

Old and new can work really well together when done right and it’s a combination that will never go out of style.

Define the room with a signature ceiling

You may not have thought about it, but the plaster above your head can really set the tone for a room.

Be bold and try a bright colour scheme or even add some texture to really draw the eye of a visitor as soon as they enter that space.

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