How to make your house burglar-proof on a low budget

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You enter your home to discover someone has broken in and stolen your most treasured possessions. It’s a horrible feeling that no one should have to go through.

How to make a competitive offer as a first time buyer

A guide to buying property abroad: Seven top tips

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A guide to joint ownership

Buying with a partner or a friend? reveals 10 top tips to consider around joint ownership

Five common mistakes first time buyers should try to avoid

How to buy a house in Scotland

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Rental hot spots that won’t break the bank

Is home ownership going out of fashion? As house prices continue to rise, we find the cheapest neighbourhoods to rent your next home.

Simple ways for tenants to save money in their home

Buying or renting a listed building? Everything you need to know

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Gazundering: A guide to what it means and how to avoid it

The term gazundering can often send a shiver down the spine of any seller looking to complete the sale of their new home.

Want to get the best price for your home? Check out these final 5 top tips

Royal street names boost property values

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