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OnTheMove: City swappers – Exploring UK migration patterns

18 December 2023


Natasha Afxentiou
Senior PR & Content Executive

The fifth episode of our podcast, OnTheMove explores migration patterns among home movers across the UK and shares tips for moving to a completely new area.

You can download the full episode here or stream directly below:

The series so far has highlighted the key things you need to know about moving, from understanding your finances and the step by step process of purchasing a home, to how to conduct an effective property search. However, when it comes to the actual business of moving, what do you need to consider if you’re thinking about relocating to somewhere new?

It’s common for many movers to buy homes in, or not very far out of, their local area; but for those who need to move further afield because of their circumstances or because they fancy a big change, we’ve got the insights worth keeping in mind to help with this kind of move.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tommy Taylor and Daniel Ansell, joint Managing Directors, both covering haart and Chewton Rose with Tommy operating in the South and East, and Daniel operating in the North and West. Together we discuss the common trends seen among movers at different points in the property ladder when it comes to the types of areas first time movers, second steppers and downsizers tend to gravitate towards.

We also explore how common it is for movers’ criteria to change as their property journey unfolds before sharing data insights into buyer behaviour on OnTheMarket to delve into the different places that buyers in different regions across the country are searching for properties.

From stressing the importance of doing your research and getting as much knowledge as possible from an experienced local agent, to spending extended periods of time in new locations of interest, we offer essential tips for relocating to a totally new area to round off the conversation.

The full transcript of the episode is also available to read here.

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