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Top tips for moving home

13 July 2022


Property Expert

Moving is stressful. Whether you’re buying or renting there’s always lots to consider, so we’ve thought of the things that can help make your next move as smooth as possible so you don’t have to.

To support you at every stage, from conducting your property search all the way to unpacking on moving day, here are some of our top tips for moving home…

Pick an agent that’s right for you

If you’re putting your property on the market, deciding which agent will market your home is an important step. Partnering with an agent you trust is key so you can ensure dialogue is kept open throughout the process and you can come up with a plan you’re both comfortable with that can be adapted as needed.

As it’s such a big decision, we’ve already dedicated a post to how you can make the best choice for you which you can read here.

Get serious about your property search with our useful tools

In any market, especially a busy one, any edge in your property search that gives you an advantage over other similarly minded movers is essential and our tools are designed to do just that.

Using Wish List, you can filter your search and browse through properties that fit your unique requirements. Whether a garden, home office or pool are your non-negotiables or nice-to-haves, you can enter up to five features into Wish List to return the search results that best suit your needs.

To make sure you’re looking at properties in locations that work best for you, Travel Time Search helps you find properties within a certain travel time to your key locations. If you want to be close to your workplace, a certain train station, or your children’s school for example, enter the name or postcode of your key location, specify the maximum travel time you’d be happy with, and your preferred method of transport and we’ll show you the homes that fit your criteria.

In addition, here at OnTheMarket, thousands of properties are featured Only With Us every month 24 hours or more before they’re advertised on Rightmove or Zoopla. Generally, you might see properties exclusively with us for 24 hours, but it may be longer. On these property listings, a countdown clock shows you how long they’ll only be on our website, before they’re released to Rightmove or Zoopla, so you can make your move and get in touch with the agent as soon as possible if the home takes your fancy. Some of our agents also choose to list their properties exclusively with us, these carry an Only With Us banner without a countdown timer, which means you won’t find these properties on Rightmove or Zoopla.


Putting your best foot forward when it comes to the photography that’ll appear on your property’s listing is key for making a positive first impression with potential buyers or tenants, so a deep declutter is always a good idea before photography takes place and viewings start. Pay attention to each part of your home, from maximising curb appeal to clearing the kitchen worktops, there are lots of little things that can make a big difference.

Decluttering your space isn’t only useful for presenting your property in the best light to the next owner or tenant, but selling, recycling, or donating the things you no longer need or use will cut down packing time when it comes to moving out and will ensure you don’t take any unnecessary or unwanted items to your new place.

Test the waters

When you’re looking around a potential property, ask your agent if you can test the water pressure of the taps and shower heads. This may seem like a small detail, but this is something you can get used to after being in the same place for a long time so it’s good to check out while you’re looking around if you can.

As well as testing the waters, it’s good practice, especially if you’re renting, to ask what appliances will be left at the property or for an inventory so you can plan what you may or may not need to bring with you when it comes to moving in.

Ask to take measurements

After your purchase is complete or your tenancy has been agreed, ask your agent if you can re-visit the property to take essential measurements.

For example, if you have large furniture you’d like to keep with you or if you’re planning on pre-ordering new pieces such as sofas or beds that can take a while to arrive, getting a better understanding of if they’ll fit in a new space will take the hassle out of either ordering something which isn’t quite right or bringing pieces along that you’ll no longer have a place for.

Look after your lists and labels!

It goes without saying that labelling boxes and making a good list of what you’ll be packing from each room is useful when moving out, but keep these lists handy as when you arrive to your new pad you can make sure everything’s accounted for.

Pre-make your bedding and pack an overnight bag

Moving day can be incredibly tiring so after hours of lifting heavy loads, the last thing you’ll want to do is dig around for a toothbrush or wrestle a duvet cover into a sheet. Packing an overnight bag is a great way to make sure you have your essentials to hand as soon as you need them such as pyjamas, a fresh set of clothes, toiletries, and chargers that might otherwise get lost in a sea of cardboard boxes.

Pre-making your bedding and packing a duvet and pillows already in clean sheets also means you can grab and go and get a comfortable night’s sleep with as little hassle as possible after an exhausting first day of moving.

Pack an essentials bag for your pet

It may not always be possible to arrange for your pets to be minded by someone on moving day, so if they’ll be moving straight in and spending the first night in your new property with you, an essential overnight bag shouldn’t be overlooked for them either.

Moving is a big adjustment, so to help them feel as settled as possible in the new environment, pack a box of essentials for day one much like you would for yourself. This can include making sure their food and water bowls, food itself, leads, litter trays, and most comforting toys are all packed together in an easy to reach box so you can get them set up as soon as you can once you arrive to avoid rummaging through the less essential items they might not need straight away.

Get an extra set of keys cut

There can be lots of travelling back and forth and going in and out on moving day. With that, accidents can happen and it can be easy to get locked out if you only have one set of keys. Having a spare set is good practice in general, but in particular on moving day when there’s lots going on, it can be useful to have a spare set cut beforehand that you always keep on you in case the inconvenient happens!

Find out when bin day is and organise parking permits

Taking care of the life admin that becomes second nature after a while is something to get ahead of when moving. If you’re moving to a new area, check your local council’s website to find out when the bins are collected so you’re not left wondering whether it’s green or blue bin day. Sticking the schedule in an often-seen place like the fridge door will also help you avoid missing a collection in the first few weeks of your arrival too.

Set up the WiFi

If possible, if you need to arrange the set-up of new WiFi in your new home, it can be useful to try and arrange this within the first few days of when you’re moving in so whether you need it for streaming your favourite shows, working from home or online shopping you’ll be ready to go!

Redirect your post

Making sure your bills are set up and connected to the right address once you move is super important, but don’t forget to also update the pre saved billing address and delivery address connected to the online shops you use often or might have an account with. Oh, and remember to redirect any subscriptions too!