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RWinvest - B1 Investment Apartments

Bradford Street, Birmingham, B1 3EN

Birmingham Apartments 

For Investment Purposes or Owner Occupiers – Minimum 15% Deposit Required 

Located in Digbeth at the heart of a regeneration project, these Birmingham Apartments present a lucrative opening in the buy to let market. A limited collection and 1 and 2-bedroom properties has become available in partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted developers. Prices start from £207,000 for luxury apartments with premium features.

Just a 5-minute walk from the iconic Custard Factory building and Smithfield, the apartments also have a new tram stop on the doorstep with links to the multi-billion HS2 line. This puts the development in a great position to attract the growing young demographic moving from London into Birmingham.

This apartment has beautiful floor to ceiling windows overlooking Birmingham city centre and you can earn rental income from £10,200 per year. Facilities include 24 hour concierge and access to a roof garden.

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Please get in touch with us if you wish to discuss this property investment or other buy to let opportunities. RWinvest is one of the leading UK property investment companies. We have connected with over 100,000 previous investors and have secured high yield investment deals with guaranteed returns for our customers across the UK and abroad.

Investment Overview

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City Centre Views Apartments

Close to HS2

Digbeth Regeneration Zone

24 Hour Concierge

Experienced Development Company

Prices Starting from £207,000

Why Invest in Birmingham?

As the second largest city of the UK and with journey times set to decrease to just 49 minutes to London, Birmingham is one of the hottest destinations for buy to let property investment. It’s up there with the best performing areas in terms of price appreciation, and experts suggest that investors who buy now will make a healthy 24% increase on their property price by 2025.

This is because of many factors, including Birmingham’s optimum connectivity to the rest of the country, its growing population of young people and professionals, its several regeneration projects including the High Speed Rail infrastructure, and its highly established business districts which bring new globally recognised firms to the city every year.

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    Bradford Street, Birmingham, B1 3EN

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