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What are the benefits of buying a new build property?

3 November 2023
Natasha Afxentiou
Senior PR & Content Executive

New build homes are an ideal option for many movers who prefer the benefits they have to offer when compared to traditional resale properties. Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to upgrade to a new luxury family home, there are plenty of developments out there to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

The third episode of our home moving podcast, OnTheMove, explores the process of buying a new build home and debunks the common myths and misconceptions they’re often labelled with. So, if you’re looking for a new build for your next property purchase, below, we dive a little deeper into the benefits of purchasing one and why it may be worth considering one over a resale property… 

You can personalise your home

When buying a new build that’s part of a new development, it’s like buying a blank canvas. Every developer will have their own standard specifications that’ll apply to each of the homes they build, and specifications can vary from development to development, but there are also a wide range of finishing touches that’ll be available to you.

This means that you can essentially personalise your home by adding in extra products and features that can be installed into your property before the build is completed to really make it your own. 

Save money on initial renovations

Moving into a new build can save you a significant amount of money on initial renovations and refurbishments. As everything is brand new, you won’t need to think about large scale, costly renovations and building work.

Of course, when making any house a home, you might choose to add a lick of different coloured paint to a wall, or experiment with some new furniture. However, sorting out a faulty boiler, redoing the kitchen, or replumbing the bathroom won’t need to be part of your initial moving budget if you choose to buy a new build. Once the build for your home is complete, you can move in and enjoy without the stress of planning renovations.

Be more energy efficient

Making our homes more energy efficient benefits not only the environment, but our finances too.

In order to meet the regulations set by the government, new build homes need to meet The Future Homes Standard which will be delivered by 2025 and requires new build homes to have leading levels of energy efficiency in order to make them ‘future proof’ with lower carbon emissions.   

Increased insulation in the floors, walls and roof, energy efficient boilers, solar panels, wastewater heat recovery systems and using timber building frames are just some of the ways new developments are being built to improve their energy efficiency. Of course, the features included in new homes can vary from development to development, so it’s worth looking at the details of the property you’re interested in and speaking to the developer.

An easy way to find energy efficient homes that are on the market is by using our ‘Greener choice’ filter when searching for properties on our site. By clicking on the filter, we’ll return properties within your search result that have greener features to help you find your next home with greater energy efficiency.

They’ve got you covered

A key difference between buying a new build and a resale property is that when buying a new build, you’ll have structural warranties as well as fixtures and fittings warranties available to you.

This means that if something goes wrong or needs fixing during the first couple of years of you owning the property, or the amount of time specified in the warranty, the developer will be able to sort the issue for you. Similarly, if you face any structural issues, the relevant warranty provider will also have you covered when it comes to getting things fixed.

With this in mind, make sure you talk to your developer about the warranties they provide so when you come to purchase your new build, you’ll know exactly what you’re covered for and how long for to give you peace of mind that cover is available should you need it.

Move efficiently with a smoother chain

Every move is different and circumstances vary, but a breakdown in the chain can have an impact and sometimes cause transactions to fall through.

When buying a new build, there’s scope for the chain to run smoother, especially if you’re a mover who doesn’t have another property to sell. With a smaller chain, you may be able to complete the purchase faster than if there were more parties involved, which is often the case when buying a resale property.

For more on buying a new build, you can listen to the full third episode of OnTheMove here or on your regular podcast streaming platform including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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