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Using Land Registry data to research a realistic price for your home is simple and free at

If you are looking to sell your home it’s a good idea to research sold prices based on Land Registry data to get an idea of asking prices in your area, and to understand what you can afford to buy.

This can be done by searching at and selecting ‘Prices‘ on the main navigation. This simple and free way to check property prices paid will help you to estimate house values throughout the UK.

However, the most important factor is to consult with local estate agents who can offer their experience to help you conclude a realistic asking price from their valuation. To find an agent in your area who can carry this out, visit the homepage and select the blue banner underneath the search box.

There is no substitute for a traditional agent’s experience and they may have a list of ready-to-go applicants who are interested in buying your home.

Choosing an agent who is a member of means that when your property is marketed, it will not be mixed in with homes being marketed by remotely located, part service ‘internet-only’ operators or directly by private sellers or landlords.

If you are buying or renting a property, every property you see at is on the market with full-service, office-based estate or letting agents who are experts in their local area.

What’s more, thousands of estate and letting agents have moved their properties from other websites to advertise at and many are choosing to launch their new-to-market properties exclusively here first: 24 hours or more before any other portal*.

So if you’re looking to buy or rent, give yourself a head start and set up a property alert today.

We hope you’ll find that when you search at, you’ll enjoy our cleaner, fresher, more focused approach. No irritating ads, no unnecessary information, no spam mail and no nonsense. Just hundreds of thousands of beautifully presented homes for sale or for rent at all price points across the UK.

So, whether you’re looking to buy or let or rent or sell, we’re here to improve the way you search.

*See Agents specify exclusivity and are committed to accuracy under terms of use.

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See Agents specify exclusivity and are committed to accuracy under terms of use.