Five top tips for taking the best photographs to sell or let a home

Hennings Moir Estate Agents reveal how best to prepare a property to guarantee the all-important photographs

Whether you are taking photographs of your home for a property website or a property brochure, it’s important to remember that these images could mean the difference between a potential buyer or tenant booking a viewing, or deciding against it.

Potential buyers and tenants expect to see photographs of almost every room in the house. So, before you get ‘snap happy’ consider these top tips below:

1. Tidy up! – If a home is untidy or cluttered, the mess will all be captured in the photographs, so some preparation is needed. Your estate agent will offer tailored advice on preparing your home but as a general rule, the key is tidiness. And that means don’t forget to make your bed!

2. Check the lighting – It’s no good having lots of pictures if each one has been taken in a bad light, or looks uninspiring. Check all the lights work and if necessary, remove surplus pieces of furniture to create a feeling of more space.

3. Invest in a professional camera – Most agents routinely use professional photographers or appreciate the value in investing in the latest technology. If you’re planning on taking your own pictures, try to invest in, or borrow, a good quality camera.

4. Don’t forget the detail – Try to make your kitchen look as pristine as possible. In reception rooms, make sure cushions are plumped up; in dining rooms, the table should either be laid for a formal meal or completely clear; and children’s toys and magazines should be tidied away. In the bathroom, fold towels neatly and remove any unsightly collections of shampoo bottles. As an extra tip, toilet seats should always be down!

5. Tend to the garden – Make sure the garden looks well-kept and is clear of anything unsightly such as weeds or rubbish bins. Remember to wipe down any outdoor furniture and if you have a pet, it’s good to clear up their toys too!

Take time in preparing your home for photographs as well as visitors.

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