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Discover new ways to value your home with Video and Express Appraisals

29 September 2022


Natasha Afxentiou
Senior PR & Content Executive

To help you get started with your property journey, we’ve introduced two new features to make getting an initial appraisal of your home even easier.

Traditional appraisals are often conducted in person, but with our new Video Appraisal and Express Appraisal features you can get an idea of what your home might be worth and begin building those all-important relationships with agents from the very beginning of your moving process as you begin conversations.  

Here’s how our new features work…

By choosing a Video Appraisal, you’ll be able to arrange a live virtual valuation appointment with local agents. Through a detailed conversation with an agent who’ll present you with an informed valuation supported by a full Market Appraisal Guide and comparable local property prices which you’ll be walked through via our digital platform, you’ll be able to gain an understanding of the value you might achieve for your property. 

When requesting a Video Appraisal, whether you’re serious about selling or renting or are just curious, simply complete an enquiry form with details such as your address, property type, bedroom and bathroom count, and special features then an expert local agent will be able to provide you with their insights including relevant local information such as recently sold properties and market data on the sale and rental prices of comparable listings in your area during your call on the digital platform.  

It’s a great way to receive an accurate online valuation of your home and an interactive way to get those all-important conversations started before inviting an agent to take a look at your property in person.

Alternatively, if a personalised online valuation without a home visit or face-to-face Video Appraisal would better suit your preferences, you can arrange an Express Appraisal.  

If you’d prefer not to have a face-to-face with an agent just yet but would like an accurate appraisal of your property, this feature allows you to get a local agents view on an estimated sale price for your property through a personalised online valuation. 

Begin your enquiry by submitting relevant information about your property including key features, its condition, and some photos to provide the agent with all they’d need to prepare an estimate for you. 

So, whether you’re keen to get moving soon or you’d like to get the conversation started with a local agent to tickle your curiosity of your home’s potential value, our new tools allow you to do just that and get going on your property journey in a way that best suits you and your needs.

You can request a Video Appraisal or an Express Appraisal here.  

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