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16 tips for choosing the most cost-effective conveyancer for you: part two

23 June 2023


Natasha Afxentiou
Senior PR & Content Executive

Conveyancing is an essential part of the moving process, which makes choosing the right legal firm a key decision.

The second blog in our two part series continues to draw on the expertise of our partners AVRillo on how to choose the best conveyancer for your home move.

9. Look for a conveyancer with award-winning service 

Conveyancers with a gold award from the industry for their conveyancing are worth looking out for when selecting your conveyancer. If a firm has been highly credited for their service, you can have peace of mind that your transaction will be in good hands.

10. Ask if they adopt a practical approach to conveyancing 

Your conveyancer will have your move in their hands. They need to understand ‘practical conveyancing’, or you risk not moving. The Law Society, the Council of Licensed Conveyancers, the Government and other conveyancing bodies encourage lawyers to adopt a more modern and practical approach to conveyancing. This involves acting fast and offering more practical solutions rather than arguing issues that don’t need to be to avoid delays. Conveyancers who have invested in this modern approach will look for problems early, find practical solutions, allow their client to take a view if they can, and if not, look for fixes straight away to avoid the chain falling apart. 

11. Look for a conveyancer with outstanding collaboration, communication and automatic updates

Poor communication is one of the biggest reasons for conveyancing complaints. If a conveyancing lawyer takes weeks to provide updates or keeps their client in the dark, you can be left not knowing what to do next or what’s happening. Instructing a conveyancer with great communication will help avoid potential pitfalls and should be kept in mind when choosing the right firm for you. 

12. Look for cutting-edge technology 

The free guides available from AVRillo explain the importance of instructing lawyers who invest in technology and innovation to help their clients. Conveyancing bodies encourage lawyers to invest in their clients by investing in tech and innovation. The more tech, the more time the lawyer can spend on you, and the better your chance of moving.

Look for a conveyancer with at least a 24/7 portal which provides instant updates. Access to an interactive portal is a great way of keeping you in the know of exactly where your progress is, how much of the process is left, and what you need to do next. Simple things like being able to e-sign documents online can also make the process more efficient. 

13. Understand the financial risks

It’s important to understand the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (AML) so make sure to talk to your lawyer about the risks and the solutions they provide to any potential issues. To give you peace of mind, ask how many times they’ve had cybercrime breaches or if their clients have been subject to money laundering attacks.

It’s also worth asking your lawyers if they offer an alternative to you providing paper or email versions of your passport, driving licence, or bank account statements which can be forged and put you at risk of being impersonated and exposed to ID and money laundering fraud.  

Some firms are also set up to use the government-approved True Layer secure banking technology and online biometric face recognition and video security software to reduce your risk of loss, rather than using paper or email documents. 

14. Avoid using a legal firm that doesn’t exclusively work in conveyancing, even if recommended by a friend

It’s often preferable to go to a specialist conveyancer who works through the process all the time. Practice makes perfect is especially true in the conveyancing world. 

15. Look for a conveyancer who won’t charge you upfront

Many lawyers may take money on account which means you’ll pay them a deposit of a few hundred pounds which is non-refundable if you don’t proceed or are one of the 37% of buyers and sellers who don’t complete.

16. Consider a conveyancing lawyer who’ll give you free conveyancing if you don’t like their services

AVRillo conveyancing currently offers this option. They’ve been around since 1988 and cover most of the UK with a wealth of experience which has been acknowledged with multiple awards over the years. 

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