Five top tips for viewing empty properties

Empty properties don’t tend to attract the same level of attention as furnished properties and are often overlooked by would-be home buyers.

Despite this they can offer many benefits – here are five top tips on what to consider when viewing empty properties.

Don’t let the photographs put you off

While it is true that good images help to entice viewers through the door, unfurnished homes with less inspiring internal photographs should not be ignored or dismissed outright.

Seeing a property stripped back allows for a buyer’s imagination to take over and the property’s full potential to become clear.

Take the chance to see the property in the round

An empty house offers full transparency in terms of the property’s current condition, as well as allowing prospective buyers to get an accurate understanding of the property’s actual size.

Unfurnished homes allow buyers to view much more of the structure and space – rather than being obstructed by wardrobes, tables and curtains – so the internal condition of the house and the space it provides is much more obvious.

Use your imagination

For those easily influenced or put off by existing interior furnishings and designs, empty homes offer prospective buyers the chance to view a property as they would receive it and imagine their own furnishings in place without distractions.

Empty properties are a blank canvas simply waiting for the buyer to make their mark.

Consider the selling chain

Sales tend to be much more straightforward when a property is empty because the seller no longer lives there. It can also allow potential buyers greater flexibility with their move in date.

Empty properties can often result in a quick sale with any potential property chain less likely to fall through.

Don’t assume the worst

There could be a number of reasons why a property is empty and potential buyers should not assume it means there is something wrong.

The sellers could be living overseas or could have moved to a different part of the UK due to work commitments. Also, there could have been a bereavement and the property has to be sold or it’s a second home.

This blog was written by Head of Sales at Galbraith’s Aberdeen office, Hannah Christiansen.

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