In case you missed it: Jason Tebb’s keynote speech at EA Masters 2022

This year’s EA Masters, which was hosted at the end of September, marked the first year we were in attendance as Principal Partner of the event and our Chief Executive Officer, Jason Tebb, took to the stage to give a keynote speech.

Addressing the many agents in attendance, as an ex-agent himself, Jason shared the key pieces of advice he’d share with his younger self. From finding your superpower, to not fearing change and making it work for you, he covered the important learnings he’s taken from his career over the years that can be applied to agents working in the industry and running their own businesses now.

While discussing his drive for taking the agents’ portal forward, he also shared the importance of continuing to deliver a suite of products and services that’ll allow OnTheMarket to become more than just a portal but a platform that supports agents in changing markets. In an exciting look to the future, he also revealed plans for the upcoming launch of a majority agent owned CRM platform.

You can watch the full keynote speech below:


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