How to use our Viewing Time Requests tool to improve your property search

We understand that life can get in the way when you’re trying to fit in multiple property viewings, so we’ve created a tool to make it easier to organise your appointments.

When you find an interesting property with OnTheMarket that you’d like to take a closer look at you can now use our Viewing Time Requests feature submit a request for a time that best suits you.

If you’ve spotted a property on our website or app that you’d love to arrange a viewing for but can’t book a slot because the agent’s office is closed, Viewing Time Requests can help. With our new tool, you don’t have to wait until the offices open to request a viewing. It’s quick, simple, and easy to use.

How the Viewing Time Requests tool works

With our Viewing Time Requests feature, you can indicate your preferred time and day for your viewing in just a few clicks. This can be done through the property listing page.

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, your details will be sent to the agent who’s marketing the property.

They’ll then contact you directly to register your details and confirm your viewing, subject to agent and property availability. If the agent or seller is unable to accommodate your preferred time, they’ll liaise with you to find a time that suits.

How do you find the Viewing Time Request tool on the website?

Simply click ‘Request viewing/info’ on the property listing page, then select your preferred viewing time, as seen in the below example.

Then before you know it, you’ll be taking a walk through what could be your next home.

Making sure you’re able to fit viewings in at a time that best suits your schedule is a great way to stay ahead of the competition, especially in today’s increasingly competitive property market.