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How to save money on broadband when moving house

Moving house is a challenge, but also an opportunity. You have the challenge of packing up your life and transporting it to a new location. You also have the opportunity to get a better deal on your broadband and other utilities.

Packing and moving may be a slog but saving money on your broadband doesn’t have to be!

Why you should review your broadband contract when moving house

Broadband is one of those bills that stays largely under the radar. It doesn’t get the headlines of energy or water, and yet is nearly as essential.

However, millions of households in the UK are paying more than they should for broadband because they signed up for a deal and have just left it running.

Without the headlines or attention in the news, broadband becomes the one outgoing that we tend to forget. We sign up to a deal, pay each month, and are rarely conscious of it.

The internet is always there and always in use but is now something we take for granted.

Moving home is the reminder we need to check what we’re paying, check available speeds and negotiate a much better deal.

Broadband and moving house

Arranging broadband when you’re moving house is relatively simple as long as you remember a few key things:

Don’t leave it to the last minute – Most providers require between 14-30 days’ notice for a move. The longer the better.

Check what’s available at your new addressUse a postcode checker to see what’s available at your new property. Then you can compare what you have now with what’s currently available.

Decide early on whether you want more speed or lower bills – Some households use the internet more than others. Generally, the more people in the property, the faster the broadband you need. It isn’t always the case though, so assess your needs before signing up.

Remember that ‘free’ gifts aren’t always free – Many providers use incentives to attract new customers. Make sure to check the prices of broadband deals with and without ‘free’ gifts as they are rarely free of charge.

Triple player or quad play are only worth it if you use all services – So-called “triple play” or “quad play” deals combine internet with TV, phone, and sometimes mobile phones. While it’s convenient to have one bill for multiple services, you’ll only save money if you use all of them. Assess your needs carefully and only sign up for these bundle services if you’ll get your money’s worth.

Staying with your current provider

If your current broadband provider offers services at your new address, you can stay with them if you like.

This is useful if you’re still within the fixed period of your contract. The move can form part of the contract and your provider will simply switch your connection to your new address.

You can also negotiate a good deal on a new contract. Providers are keener than ever to retain customers so a deal could definitely be had.

Give the provider plenty of notice, book the installation for the day after moving day and everything should be fine.

Here’s how to move with your current broadband provider:

  • Inform your provider of your moving in date and request installation for the day after
  • Complete any paperwork required to enable the move
  • Make sure you’re home on the day to allow access to the engineer if one is required

Not all broadband moves require an engineer visit. Much will depend on the services you have and what’s already at the property.

Switching provider

Switching provider when you move house is also very straightforward. It can be very lucrative too.

New customer offers, special discounts, free gifts and other incentives are all regularly offered to attract new customers.

Here’s how to switch broadband provider:

  • Ensure you’re out of contract with your current provider
  • Use a postcode checker to see what’s available at your new house
  • Decide whether you want to save money or have more speed
  • Sign up to the deal that delivers best value according to your needs
  • Arrange installation for the day after moving day
  • Make sure you’re home when the engineer visits

Switching broadband provider is now as easy as switching bank accounts. Often, everything is handled by the providers and they arrange the administration between themselves.

All you need to do is use a postcode checker to assess the deals available, decide what speed or features you need and find the best value for your needs.

As long as you’re not within the fixed period of your current contract, switching providers is as simple as signing up to a new deal. The provider handles the administration and will arrange your new connection.

If you are within the fixed term part of your contract, switching may incur an early termination fee.

If your current provider offers services at your new address, you may be liable for a fee. If your current provider does not offer services at your new address, you may not be liable for a fee.

Discuss the situation with your provider before committing yourself, just in case!