How to ensure your home is ready to sell this autumn

Historically autumn is a busy time for the market. Make sure your home is ready for viewings with top tips from estate agent Aberdein Considine.

Autumn is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for sales because most people have got their summer holiday out of the way and children have returned to school. Between the middle of August and the end of October is historically one of the most fruitful times for sellers.

In addition to the fundamental importance of marketing your property at the right price, here are some tips on maximising the chance of a sale during this time:

Ensure your home looks fresh. Freshen up any decoration, get rid of any worn out carpet or flooring and tidy any clutter that children have left around during the school holidays.

A garden is always a selling point for any property so make sure it is well-kept. Ensure that the lawn is cut and that all borders are weeded. If your garden lacks some autumn colour, buy seasonal plants to add life and character.

Tubs and baskets provide instant colour to any garden or property. Even if your property has limited outside space, often there is still room for an attractive tub or a pretty hanging basket. These floral decorations can provide excellent first impressions which offer an attractive feel to your property even before the viewer has stepped through the front door.

The upkeep and maintenance of communal gardens can be an issue for flats or terraced properties. If your property has shared gardens, spend a few hours before the property is photographed to ensure it looks neat and tidy. Try to encourage friendly neighbours to do their bit too.

By the middle of October most deciduous trees are shedding their leaves in preparation for the onset of winter. Be sure to collect these and get rid of them before any viewings are due to take place.

Make sure your property takes full advantage of any natural light on offer. Clean the windows, make sure curtains and blinds are all in working order and allow in as much sunlight as possible. If viewings are going to take place at night, ensure the property is well-lit and that all rooms look welcoming. If you have any outside lighting, make sure this is illuminated prior to the viewing.

Prepare for your viewer’s arrival to your home. As well as having the property well-lit and having a touch of colour from seasonal flowers, ensure there is a fresh door mat, or a place for a conscientious viewer to take off their shoes as soon as they enter the property. Some viewers prefer to wear shoe covers – buy these online and have them ready for the visitors.

Try to make yourself available for viewings during daylight hours or the weekends. Most viewers like to see the house in daylight hours. But with limited light available in the evenings, there is no better time than a sunny Saturday in September or October to show off your home at its best. Professional agents will be able to offer an accompanied viewing service if you are unable to carry out the viewings yourself.

As autumn progresses, the days and nights can become chilly so put your heating on an hour or so before a viewing is due to take place.

Keep the home well ventilated by opening windows a few hours before a viewing, then close the windows and start heating your home approximately one hour before.

Many sellers think that the autumn is a poor time to sell their home but historically there has always been a lot of activity after the summer holidays and before the onset of winter. To search for an agent in your area who can offer a valuation search

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